Sunday, February 28, 2010

Why Not a Budget for the Farmers?

The Sucide of farmers in 2008 is 16,196 according to national survey statistics. Further the number of farmers sucided from 1997 to 2008 is 1,99,132. A Survey of the world organization says eight million farmers have lost their lands upto Thirty Four Thousand million in 10years. This shocking statistics was given through sms by Yogaramesh of the Potato club.
This is really a shocking news. In the Kannada literary meet at Gadag recently, Mr. Kodihally Chandrashekhar, a Rajya Ryota Sangha Working President laid a stress for a separate budget for the farmers by the central and state Governments. India is a Country with 75% of farmers and hence a need for budget for them. The governments can be elected and defeated by the farmers but the politicians have failed in protecting the interest of the farmers. Instead they have sold the life of the farmers to the multinational companies(MNC's).
Globalisation process is going on in the country and in the name of SEZ's agricultural lands are being grabbed from the past 18years by the successive governments. According to the Government Notifications in 2002 and 2005, 146 SEZs were proposed and according to the new notifications they went upto more than 500. The government has approved 220 such proposals already. These SEZs were supposed to provide employment opportunities to 17.44 lakh million people. The initial plan was to acquire 1,25,163 thousand hectares, but now the demand has gone upto 10times of this. As a result the farmers from Bellary, Raichur, Belgaum, Mysore, Hassan, Mangalore, Davanagere and Bangalore districts are migrated forcibly from their villages and the number of displaced farmers is increasing day by day. The farmer Prime Minister H.D. Devegowda seems to join hands with the protesting farmers, eventhough he did nothing for the farmers while in power. Other political parties also joined their hands to oppose the present BJP governments move to permit mining in 3-4 districts of their reserved forest areas.This way agricultural lands are being grabbed for constructing airports and power projects also.
The two houses of the Karnataka State Assembly sessions begins from February 25th. The government has decicded to bring a bill on banning the cows slaughter and the opposition parties are opposing it to please the Muslims, Dalits and other people, who according to them are used to eat cows. Different reasons are given by them in support of its. They say when land is being grabbed the cows cannot survive and hence they can eat cows. There is no facility in every village to take care of the cows and especially those which do not give milk. The government has to answer many more questions that may arise from this problem. For want of space the discussion is not complete and the people are free to express their views on this.

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